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I am a miseventer. There are no two ways about it, it is definitely the story of my life. Now, “miseventer” is not actually a word, that too fits right in with the theme of my life sometimes it seems, I always seem to be semi swimming upstream or going a little bit against the grain. “Misevent” is a noun, not a verb or an adjective or any of the other parts of speech I will likely form it into as I continue blogging. Ha!

The definition, as can be seen under the title of my blog, is: an event that does not take place as expected or planned. I am sure most everyone can relate to that feeling! Anyway, my interpretation of the definition is that a misevent is not always negative, it could be that the event is not as terrible as you thought it would be or that something better happens. Being an Eventer (of the equine sort…is there any other kind of eventer?) I thought myself pretty clever discovering a word that so perfectly describes working with horses that also contains a portion of the word for the sport that I participate in. Hence, “miseventer” was born. I know, I’m probably nowhere near as clever as I would like to think but let me have my moment of ‘glory’ here!

Working with horses means that you experience more than your fair share of misevents on a daily basis. For example:
1. The very green, incredibly tense mare that I was riding for a young girl put in a very steady dressage test and rockstar stadium round in the rain at her first event. Not what I was expecting.
2. Said mare also rocked around the cross country course like she was a seasoned pro after only ever schooling once in her life. Also, not what I was expecting.
3. Seasoned pro….until the water hazard appeared in front of her. Semi expected.
4. Leg on, wide hands, tap, tap, tap, kiss, kick, growl, jump left, jump right, jump left….thud. That thud was my body hitting the ground right on the edge of the water hazard, in case you were wondering. Definitely not expected.
5. I recently started leasing a new mare,Dahlia, who has ended up not being quite as I was thinking she would be. Unexpected.
6. I had a really tough first lesson on Dahlia but left feeling like I had some good things to work on. Had some really nice rides and some that were “eh” at best but overall felt like we had made some big progress together. Had a second lesson on her yesterday and instead of progress being seen it came to light that I had been simply continuing to mask the issue instead of really addressing it and figuring out a way to really fix it. Semi-unexpected.
7. Rode her today, after spending 9 hours at a horse show, and we picked up almost immediately where we left off yesterday at the end of the lesson (or at least I hope I am right on that this time!). Semi-unexpected…but in a good way.

As far as I am concerned all of those can be considered misevents. Some of them are good, some of them not so good but they sure seem to come with the territory when one works with horses. I could go on and on about why I decided to label myself a miseventer but for now I think I will just leave it at that. I am sure the more I continue to write the more obvious it will become, to me as much as anyone else, just how often things do not go according to our plans.


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