Days Off

The face of a mare who is thinking just a little too hard about being naughty

The face of a mare who is thinking just a little too hard about being naughty

A new discovery has been made. That “oh so precious” gray mare that I lease? Yeah…she can’t have days off. She turns into a fire breathing dragon apparently. Cue her wannabe bucking bronco, the TB in her and I swear there must be some mule or something because she gets all sorts of stubborn as well. Note to self: “Do not expect to get any real work done, especially at the canter, after a day off.”

Look at her being so innocent

Look at her being so innocent

I mean really, she had been being ridden very sporadically when I went and tried her and she was as calm as could be. I kept wondering where her “hotter” side was. Her owner had warned me multiple times that she was hot and very forward. Based on my trying her that was nowhere near the case! Now that she has been in consistent work for 3 weeks (3 days off in all that time) she decides that she can’t handle a single day off and keep track of that little mind of hers? Some mares…I tell ya.

Its a good thing she is cute

Its a good thing she is cute

It doesn’t really bother me that much. I know its all part of her greenness, our newness to each other, the fact that she is a mare, etc. but that doesn’t stop it from being frustrating. Here I had been feeling like we had made a lot of progress on the canter in the 4 days since our lesson and then Friday she was just a nutcase at the canter. I know we will figure it out but it does sort of knock  your confidence just a bit if you’re not careful. However, I am sure our rides will continue in a general upswing even if there are the occasional (or more than occasional) frustrating rides where I am left going, “What the heck just happened? That was NOT the horse I had yesterday!” Ah well, good lesson in “ride the horse you got” instead of the one you had yesterday or last week.


One thought on “Days Off

  1. Ugh that’s definitely frustrating! And believe it or not Isabel was like that for a while too… Hopefully Dahlia is still just settling into the routine and will start retaining the lessons a little more obviously soon. Still tho, every ride at this point is good for her even if it doesn’t necessarily translate to the next ride yet!


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