My cat is here!!!

When I relocated to the East Coast one of the toughest decisions I had to make (besides selling my beloved Ruby) was to leave my precious cat, Mia, behind. Luckily, I was able to find someone who was willing to foster her so I didn’t have to find a permanent home for her but it was still a very difficult thing for me to do.

Mia the day I dropped her off at her foster home

Mia the day I dropped her off at her foster home

I got Mia a little over 3 years ago when I was a senior in college. My roommates and I decided that we really wanted (needed) to have some house pets even though they were expressly forbidden in our lease. Enter Mia and Callie, two adorable 6 month old kittens. Callie was the bolder, friendlier, more vocal of the two but from the time Molly and I picked them up Mia was 100% mine. She very calmly settled on my lap the whole ride home, not worried about a thing. Every day she would sit on “my” part of the couch (where I normally did homework), waiting patiently for me to get back from class or volunteering or work so she could curl up on my lap while I did homework or watched my favorite TV show.

So happy to see her!

So happy to see her!

When I graduated Mia moved with me and became even more my cat. Anytime someone came over she would hide from them unless we had been sitting for awhile and then she could come out and claim me as hers, all while staring menacingly (as menacingly as an adorable face like hers can get!) at my company. She slept with me…or rather on me, her favorite sleeping position was draped across my face/neck, played fetch with her little bird that had the “real mouse” squeak, entertained me for hours playing with her “fish on a stick” toy (no human interaction needed!), comforted me when I was sad (there is little that is more calming and therapeutic than the purr of a cat), and most importantly, was there day or night, rain or shine, loyally sitting in the window of my grandma’s condo where I lived waiting for my car to pull in (and yes, she knew my car vs my mom’s car even though they were the same make, model and year) so she could run and greet me at the door.

I have always thought of cats as being more standoffish, less likely to bond to a person and less interested in interacting with humans. I have always liked cats, simply because I like all animals, but I certainly never thought I would cry over having to leave a cat behind when I moved. I knew I would cry over having to sell a horse, losing a dog, etc. but never thought I would cry over a cat, nor be so excited to see them again. What can I say? Mia is just special. I always tell people that I am still not really a “cat person,” I am just a “Mia person.”

Mia's favorite spot to spy on me in the condo while I would get ready in the morning/at night

Mia’s favorite spot to spy on me in the condo while I would get ready in the morning/at night

Anyway, my saint of an uncle was in the Midwest the last few weeks visiting family and he agreed to bring Mia back East with him and she arrived last night. I was like a kid on the last day of school all day. The day moved soooooooo slowly and the closer to 5pm it got the more anxious I got. I didn’t know if she would really remember me (its been 7 months since I have seen her) or if she would really care but she was definitely just as happy as I was. She has never been much of a snuggler before. She likes to be close to me but only when she chose and did NOT like to be held. Well, as soon as she heard me she came running to the front of her crate, sticking her paw through reaching towards me, and purring like a maniac. I let her out and she could not get close enough. She was climbing up me, rubbing all against me, and purring like a freight train. Every time I moved around my room she came running after me and I hardly got any sleep last night because she was wanting to be so close to me the entire time. But that’s ok, I was just as happy. I can definitely say that my heart is very content…and some of it is a contentedness I didn’t even realize was missing.

“Won’t you rub my belly, please?”

Back to your regularly scheduled equine posts now.


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