The Plague

Covered ears!! Still didn't stop all her dramatics over the flies though

Covered ears!! Still didn’t stop all her dramatics over the flies though

For the last week, ever since the XC clinic, I have been afflicted by the plague. Yes, the plague. It has made a comeback since, you know, like the 1300s or whatever, and for some reason chose me as its starting point for creating an epidemic.

Ok, that is perhaps a bit dramatic, but let me tell you, it felt like I was dying from the plague!


I was so sick that I didn’t even go to the barn on Monday (Sunday really did a number on me between helping D at the event, coming back and helping him ride other horses, chasing the stallion down the road when he jumped on top of me and ran me over while I was trying to get on him, feeding and turning out the horses and riding Dahlia…all while unable to eat anything without severe nausea and gradually getting to the point of even water causing severe nausea), and as fellow horse people know, we have to be pretty sick to not even step foot at the barn. Ended up in the ER on Tuesday, Wednesday stayed home from work, Thursday went straight home after work. Friday I did manage to get to the barn and hopped on for a quick walk around the field (took me almost an hour to get her tacked up because I was still feeling so poorly). Friday though I did get to try out the ear bonnet I got for her from a friend. I think it looks pretty spiffy on her!

Saturday I tried to go out to the barn to help D jump school his horses, luckily Kaitlyn from Something To Talk About was able to come and help because within an hour I was lightheaded and nauseous again. Apparently not being able to eat anything for an entire week wears you out? Who woulda thunk it??

This was basically my stomach for over a week

This was basically my stomach for over a week

Sunday I was finally feeling well enough to go out and try and ride and got there to find Dahlia had pulled a shoe.


Of course she pulled a shoe, I was finally feeling better! Ah well, I suppose it was probably good to get some extra rest. The farrier is coming out today to trim her up and re-shoe her so tomorrow we should be back to riding and hopefully I am done with The Plague and no one else catches it either!

I was way more excited about the ear bonnet than she was, clearly.

I was way more excited about the ear bonnet than she was, clearly.


4 thoughts on “The Plague

  1. oh no – sorry you feel so sick!! i was just thinking that it’s been a hot minute since i last saw you… tho more than likely that’s my own fault for being mostly absent lately. hope you feel back to 100% soon!! (and that Dahlia keeps her damn shoes on!)


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