Dahlia: the biggest miseventer of them all!


I apologize for being MIA for so long. To be totally honest I was afraid to blog there for a bit. You see, Dahlia, tried to cut her leg off and I was terrified that the injury was going to get infected and be really, really bad. So obviously, my logical decision was to just avoid talking about it all together.

So pretty...even if she does hate being in a stall

So pretty…even if she does hate being in a stall

The injury was a fairly deep cut right over the back of her right front leg, directly over the tendon. Mare was walking on it alright, a little tender, until she would stand still for a bit and then she was 3 legged, knee buckling lame. Her tiny little toothpick leg also looked like a stovepipe it was so swollen. My mind immediately started leaping to all the grisly, gruesome possibilities of tendon involvement, infection, vet bills, etc….oh, and the fact that I don’t own this mare!

All wrapped up! We are now on to regular no bows and standing wraps

All wrapped up! We are now on to regular no bows and standing wraps

The vet came out and sedated her and we decided to inject fluid basically into the tendon sheath to see if it made a reappearance, indicating that the tendon sheath was involved. Apparently there is no foolproof way to test for that but that’s the best test. Luckily, no fluid reappeared, I was thrilled! The vet warned me though that it was not a definitive diagnosis of no tendon involvement but it was promising. The chunk out of her leg was large enough that he wanted to try and stitch it together, unfortunately, she had done such a number on herself that there was not enough skin to stitch it all the way together. Got a number of stitches in and wrapped her up good and tight and set an appointment for him to come back in 4 days to look at her leg.

Are you sure I can't go outside and play?

Are you sure I can’t go outside and play?

4 days later she was still sound walking on it, was not a happy camper about being stalled, and when we unwrapped it it was looking more or less how he expected it to, a.k.a. not that great. Cue my anxiety levels increasing again. Did some more stuff, wrapped it back up again and set an appointment for him to come back in 6 more days. In the meantime I changed the wrap a couple times, did my best to keep her happy in the stall, and hoped and prayed that she would come through this alright.

Blurry face!

Blurry face!

Well, we are now 2.5 weeks past the initial accident and she is sound (at a walk, although she did jump over the wheelbarrow while I was cleaning her stall one day and take off down the barn aisle…looked pretty sound then too!) but is still being kept wrapped and in a stall with very limited walking so that it has a chance to heal and grow skin back over the giant bald area. The vet said that her wound is approx. 22mm wide and that skin grows at a rate of approx 1mm every 10 days. So we are looking at around 100 days before her leg is hopefully all closed up and healed. My anxiety levels won’t drop until after that point, I can tell you that! I am trying really hard not to worry about her soundness, she is sound at the moment and hasn’t shown any signs of it slowing her down, even when it first happened she was still trucking around the field and yanking me around trying to graze while I called the vet but I can’t help but worry.

Oh HIII! Did you need help wrapping my leg at all?

Oh HIII! Did you need help wrapping my leg at all?


8 thoughts on “Dahlia: the biggest miseventer of them all!

    • Yeah 😦 I guess its really been that long since I have seen you? That’s crazy! I have been worried sick. Since it happened there have only been two days I have not gone out to see her twice a day. I actually literally made myself sick worrying I think. So far she seems to be on the mend quite well….just too slowly for my liking!


      • ugh what a mess. these horses always find a way to inspire panic…. regardless i hope we can start seeing more of you around the farm as Dahlia continues improving!!


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