Starting to ride again

Because Kaitlyn over at Something to Talk About has been working late a lot recently and her mare, Tillie, is coming back into work after so much time off I have ridden her a couple of times.

Do you have food for me??

Do you have food for me??

Tillie is a lovely little redheaded Thoroughbred mare, my favorite kind of horse. She has lots of opinions and quite regularly her opinions are that I am being too demanding and that she knows better. Ah mares, you just gotta love them!

So darn cute

So darn cute

Anyway, the first day I went to ride her I was lucky enough to have my trainer there already finishing up a lesson with Emma and her mare, Izzy. I wasn’t expecting to get a lesson or anything but I am pretty sure D just couldn’t handle watching me ride so poorly so he gave me a short 20 minute lesson or so. We worked on getting Tillie to accept leg, not swinging her haunches when asked for bend, relaxing and connecting over her back, and me carrying my inside left hand a little more forward. Nothing earth shattering or overly difficult in theory. However, after only riding sporadically for the past 7 weeks since Dahlia injured herself my leg muscles were definitely tired!

Oh hey!

Oh hey!

The following day I went out to revisit some of the things we had worked on the night before, the trot work went smoother however the canter was disastrous. Emma summed it up perfectly when she said, “That was really, really rude of her.” Again, ah mares! We had a bit of a lesson again last night, once again nothing earth shattering, still just working on getting her to accept leg and not have random hissy fits about the fact that my right leg is asking her haunches to not fall to the outside. Hopefully Kaitlyn continues to allow me the opportunity to continue riding Tillie and between the three of us we can make some good progress!

So innocent looking

So innocent looking


One thought on “Starting to ride again

  1. lolz Tillie….. such a funny one. seems so mutually beneficial for you to spend some time in the saddle while Kaitlyn’s so busy these days too, glad it’s working out! also yay for Tillie being much LESS rude last night haha


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